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Eminem Timeline

Zero To Hero
A Brief History of Eminem

1974: Marshall Bruce Mathers III(Eminem) was born

1983: Uncle Ronnie gives Em a copy of Ice T's 'Reckless'. " That day i figured it'd be goot to become a rapper."

1987: Em is hooked on 2 Live Crew and NWA. Little does he know that a decade on, he'll be working closeley with NWA's Dr. Dre.

1988: Writes his first rhyme which disses LL Cool J, even though he's one of his favorite rappers.

1990: Aged 16, he gets shot at by members of a neighbourhood gang.
1992: Uncle Ronnie commits suicide with a shotgun. It'll be another five years before Eminem can bring himself to talk about it.
1993: Makes a name for himselfe on the Detroie rap scene as the only white rapper rocking the mic at new talent nights.
1994: His mother accuses him of assault and batter on his 20th birthday. It's Eminem's only major brush with the law
1995: His little known debut album, 'Infinite', lands in stores to little acclaim. Some say he's ripping off Nas, others laugh at his unpunctual anti-Gulf War songs.
1996: 'Infinite' having sold under 1,000 copies, Eminem is working as a cook. Halie Jade, his daughter, is born on Christmas Day.
1997: Performs at the Rap Olympics in LA, but only comes in second. Never mind, because Dr Dre hears his demo and signs him to his Aftermath Record Label.
1998: Dr Dre and Eminem really hit it off, recording three tracks in their first five hours in the studio. The era-defining 'The Slim Shady LP' is coming along swimmingly.
1999: Eminem mania rages all ear and everybody knows what his name is. In December he heads back to the studio, putting in 20-hour sessions on his new album.

2000: He's back. "Apart from Jay Z and Redman, hip hop is kinda dry right now. My shit is gonna be a breath of fresh air. This album is like, 'Holy shit, I can't believe he said that!".






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