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Eminems New Response to Everlast - Snowballx @ 11/28/00
Big news - Eminem and D-12 have recorded a follow-up to the Everlast dis cut, "I Remember". The new song, "Quitter" , is actually a response to Everlast's "Whitey's Revenge", and Eminem goes completely nuts on this new version, telling his fans to attack Everlast when they see him in public, and even bringing Dilated Peoples into the beef. It starts off similar to "I Remember", and then in the middle of it, the beat from 2Pac's "Hit 'Em Up" comes in, and Eminem and D-12 continue dissing Everlast and Dilated Peoples - and it's a whopping seven minutes long.

Here is the tricky part - the song wasn't intended to be released, and apparently was something that Eminem and D-12 recorded and then scrapped it. When I first heard it, I was asked to never speak about this song, but it's too late, because now it has been leaked, and is already on Napster!

Now let's get back to the whole Dilated thing. Honestly, I think it was wrong to bring Dilated into the beef, even though the song where Em was dissed by Everlast, "Ear Drums Pop Remix", was on their album. While the song was the spark that set this whole beef off, they really weren't a part of it. Yet this does bring something totally new into the equation. We've seen Eminem dis people like Britney Spears, N-Sync, Everlast, etc, but now he is attacking Evidence directly. With the exception of Cage, we have not seen Eminem face a worthy opponent and many heads will argue that Evidence could eat Eminem in a battle. While it's unlikely that Evidence and Eminem will ever battle each other, the potential for creative dis cuts to arise out of this is high. If anything, I'm not really that mad about the situation, because I think this brings even more excitement to this thing we call hip-hop. Hopefully we will hear a response from Evidence, because now things are really starting to get interesting.
Source: [HipHopSite]

Eminem DVD called 'E' - Snowballx @ 11/28/00
Lookout for the new Eminem DVD - "E", coming out in early December. This collection will include all of his videos, plus the uncensored director's cuts of "Stan", "Role Model", and "Just Don't Give A Fuck". D-12's "Shit On You" will also be included, along with the tour "Blair Witch" skit, and some behind the scenes footage of the "Stan" video shoot. More ways to spend your money!

Stan Premieres on MTV's DFX - Snowballx @ 11/08/00
Stan pictures are now up! View the pictures here. Eminem's third single,off of the successful Marshall Mathers LP, Stan premiered today on MTV's DFX, they played the 7 minute raw version of the video.

Eminem at the VH1 Awards VOTE - Snowballx @ 11/02/00
Eminem is nominated for two VH1 my music awards, "most entertaining public feud" and "coolest fan website". Please help us out by voting for Eminem2000 for "coolest fan website" by going to http://www.vh1.com/mymusic/poll_template.jhtml?id=10

Eminem Lost his Lyrical Notebook! - Snowballx @ 11/01/00
On Friday, October 28th, Eminem lost his lyrical notebook with extremely important work in it. The notebook has a picture of Britney Spears on the cover. It was last seen in an airport newsstand shopping bag with a discman, headphones and cds as well. Eminem was flying on a Delta Airlines flight from Cincinati to New Orleans. There is a big reward for the return of this notebook/bag. If you have any information please email us at found@eminem2000.com.




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