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eminem relapse Eminem relapse
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    DVD Secrets

The Eminem Show (Bonus DVD)

Studio: Shady Records
Hidden Secret: Hidden Interview segment

Access The Secret
On the menu 1st page you can select one of the seats in the theater near the middle which will pull up another interview segment with Eminem.


The Slim Shady World Show

Studio: Ground Zero
Hidden Secret: Hidden Original

Access The Secret
On the Main menu screen move down to the last choice and move over to the television and highlight the tv and press enter to access the original cartoon short.


Eminem : All Access Europe

Studio: Shady Records, Cousins Entertainment
Hidden Secret: Eminem Interview

Access The Secret
At the main menu select the auditorium chair between "Play" and "Next" to see an interview with Eminem where he discusses his life since the last CD and and the content of his new CD.



Studio: Uni/Interscope
Hidden Secret: Secret Video

Access The Secret
From main menu press 312 and hidden video (Shit On You) will play.