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Never released on cd, only on tape and 12" vinyl.


Song Title Length
1. Infinite [ 4:02 ]
2. W.E.G.O (Interlude) [ 0:22]
3. It's ok feat Eye-Kyu [ 3:29 ]
4. 313 feat Eye Kyu [ 4:12 ]
5. Tonite [ 3:44 ]
6. Maxine feat Denaun Porter [ 3:56 ]
7. Open Mic feat Thyme [ 4:03 ]
8. Never 2 far [ 3:38 ]
9. Searchin' [ 3:46 ]
10. Backstabber [ 3:28 ]
11. Jealousy Woes [ 3:21 ]

Here's what appears on the original Infinite cassete:

Keepin' it real in '96 for the entire Infinite crew: Proof, Eiy-Kyu, Denaun, Thyme, Mud, Head, Philpot, Jay Dee, Clock Work, DJ Rec, Angie, "H", Jean, Some of Wizdum, Dez, Dj Butterfingers, Bizarre, L.Z., B-Flat, Swift, Boogie Man, Beretta, Profit, Fuzz, K-9, Mister-Flee, Greed, Scrap, Lo-Key, Vocab, Kim James, Three, Mr.Gill, Sam, Squish, K-Dog, Freaky, Da Hooligan, Vitamin C, Shot Kut, Dee, Rob, K, Frogg, Slim, Flipside, Marky Bass, J.B., Joe Joseph, Da Bushman, Shawn P., Mark Hicks, M.K., Maurice Malone, Shan, Manix, Wheatbread, Kimbo, My beautiful baby girl Hailie Jade Scott, Wendy, My little brother Nate & on & on & on & on you only live once '96 baby!

And to those backstabbin knife carryin, jealous, hair dyin, tryin to fuck my girl behind my back, "Eminem ain't shit" talkin, snake sneaky muhta fuckas, thanks for the motivation. I ain't mad!!!!!

Executive Producers: Jeff Bass, Mark Bass

Produced by Denaun Porter

for FBT Productions

Co-Produced by "Slim"

for FBT Productions

Recorded and Mixed by Kevin Wilder and Robert "Flipside" Handy at Bassment Sounds Inc., Ferndale, MI 48220

Mastered by Grant Mohrmann at Pearl sound Canton, MI 48187

All Song Published by

FBT Productions / BMI

Manufactured and Distributed by

WEB Entertainment


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