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Eminem Top Sites: 08/31
Eminem + Kim = 2gether
: 08/31
Eminem wins Source Awards
: 08/24
Kim Divorced!
: 08/16
VMA Awards Win Gear
: 08/16
Eminem Rejects His Mom
: 08/13
Lil Zane
: 08/12
Eminem's Cool Crap
: 08/01


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Eminem Top Sites Is Up...Again! - Snowballx @ 08/31/00
For the last week EminemTopSites.com was down due to a server crash. Eminem Top Sites is now back up so if you run a Eminem site and want to watch your hits rize dramatically go to EminemTopSites.com and sign up. Also all accounts that were on Eminem Top Sites were removed due to server crash so everyone has to re-sign up sorry for problems.

Kim and Eminem Back Again - Snowballx @ 08/31/00
According to SOHH.com, Proof of rap group D-12 (Em’s partner’s in rhyme) said during an interview “Kim and Em are trying to work things out. Things are still in the works. They love each other and the situation is still up in the air. Em feels like he’s given so much to his career and his family life-he wants to save his family”. After all of the back and forth drama the two have been through, hopefully they can salvage what is left. Proof also says “Em’s gonna do the D-12 album, a couple of movies, cut a third album and then retire from rap.” Check the rest of this exclusive interview on Sohh.com

Eminem wins Source Awards - Snowballx @ 08/24/00
Eminem accepted the Music Video of the Year award for 'Guilty Conscience' and Lyricist of the Year at The Source Hip Hop Awards show August 22, 2000 at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium.

Eminem Files for a Divorce - Snowballx @ 08/16/00
It appears that Eminem's very public and often volatile relationship with his wife, Kimberly Mathers, is over.

Eminem's record label, Interscope Records, confirmed that on Wednesday that the Eminem filed for divorce from his wife on Wednesday morning in Detroit.

"The two have had an on-again, off-again relationship that's been extensively detailed in the press," Interscope said. "In early June, the couple separated, and since then Eminem has come to the decision that a divorce is unavoidable."

The two have been a couple for years, and even had a child together, but did not marry until last summer.

MTV VMA.00 Awards Win VMA Gear - Snowballx @ 08/16/00
Eminem World has a little contest on right now. Where you could win a Limited Edition prize package includes MTV Video Music Award customized hat, key chain, t-shirt, hoody sweatshirt, and watch! Click here to enter in the contest.

Eminem Rejects His Mother - Snowballx @ 08/13/00
Eminem has rejected an out-of-court offer to settle a $10 million defamation suit filed against the rapper by his mother, Debbie R. Mathers-Briggs, for only $2 million, intending to take the case to trial.

Lil Zane on MTV - Snowballx @ 08/12/00
Lil Zane has the hottest Billboard Rap Single--#1 for 3 weeks!. We gotta make sure he is at #1 with the rest of the world. Vote for Lil Zane's song 'Callin Me'. Go here to vote for his song. From this page, click on PLAY MY SONG. Lil Zane is about halfway down the next page. Support Lil Zane and his new song.

Get Eminem's Cool Crap - Snowballx @ 08/01/00
On MTV they are hosting a online auction to win coolcrap from MTV and other artists. You can bid on getting Eminem's blue pace car from the video 'The Real Slim Shady'. Go here to see all the stuff you can get.


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